WATCH: iHeartRadio Brings Muse And Sierra Together For Collaborative Performance During 'Drones World Tour'

March 02, 2016

iHeartRadio brought Muse and Sierra together for a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will live on and on, courtesy of a few camera men who filmed the whole experience. 

Ex Marks the Spot with Sierra and The Radicals

December 17, 2019

Singing and dancing with her mother since before she could remember, Sierra Heuermann of Sierra and The Radicals has always had a creative spark in her. The Ouija actress star notes, “I use my creativity daily and would be lost without it!” 


January 11, 2020

Tearing through Los Angeles’s music scene yet again and bringing a powerful new pop hit single to the market, is Sierra; lead singer, songwriter and guitar player of the pop/rock group Sierra and the Radicals. If you’ve found yourself rocking out with the Radicals lately, whether in the world famous Hotel Cafe or at various festivals, bars and venues across Southern California, you have probably heard the audible excitement and curiosity in the room as Sierra announces the title of her new single.

Look out for singer/songwriter Sierra Heuermann and her band The Radicals.

January 11, 2020

Look out for singer/songwriter Sierra Heuermann and her band The Radicals.

iHeartRadio Brings Muse and Sierra Together

February 29, 2016

Sierra Heuermann got the once on a life time opportunity to jam out with the band Muse at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. and the footage looks just as incredible.  

Sierra And The Radicals Wins Best Pop/Folk Song

August 31, 2019

Sierra and the Radicals single "Somewhere Between Here and There" wins the Akademia music award for best pop/folk song.

MUSE MEDIA loves Sierra and the Radicals New EP

July 30, 2016

“We want to be adored, but what is at the core, then colors turn to gray, when the bright lights start to fade away……its the Hollywood Hustle…..hope to get it right.”

These lyrics were written by a young, 4’10”, doe-eyed blonde named Sierra Heuermann, who has a voice that’ll pierce all expectations. Her strong and vulnerable sound makes her an incredible front woman in her band, Sierra and The Radicals.

Track Listing: Independence Day (2016)

July 04, 2016

We’re gonna COAST over to the WEST COAST OH BABY for this Los Angeles-based act.  Sierra And The Radicals have a new EP called Somewhere Between Here And There, which almost ventures into alt-pop territory from their usual poptastic brand of indie.  “Not Your Baby” is a little ditty about Jack & Diane a dude who just doesn’t get the hint.  It almost feels like a slightly more upbeat version of “Ho Hey”, and features a spoken-word bridge where the generic iPhone notification sound thing goes nuts as the dude…goes nuts (!).

Sierra and the Radicals - Somewhere Between Here and There

July 04, 2016

Somewhere Between Here and There also the name is Sierra And The Radicals new EP, has a bold emotional introduction. The themes and content of the lyrics are very relatable,  and emotional. The vocals have a very attractive romantic vibe... 

Paste Magazine Presents "Jeff" Sierra and the Radicals Music Video

December 31, 2019

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